Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather Procedure


Pathways will try to remain open between the hours of 9am and 3pm on severe weather days. If your child is attending pre-school on these days please decide whether you feel it is safe for you to drive. If you decide not to travel please telephone us to let us know.

Breakfast Club & Afterschool

Pathways will try to remain open in severe weather conditions. We will try to inform you either by email, on Facebook or on our Website on the evening before if we feel we need to close Breakfast club. If you do not have access to any of these please let us know and we will telephone you.  If you hear that Great Barton Primary Academy is closed due to severe weather, please also note that Pathways will be closed for Breakfast and Afterschool club.


Up to date information can be found on the following:

Facebook page: Great Barton Pathways


School closures can be found on the Suffolk County Council website or Local radio stations.  

All Sessions

If we feel that during a session the weather is becoming extreme and we need to get the children home, staff will contact parents/carers using the contact list.

Please ensure that we have all the correct up to date contact numbers. If you would like to add or change any details, please complete this form.