Blog – Nov – December 2019

Welcome to the Pathways Blog

The theme this half term is TRAVEL





Week 1 28/10/19 to 01/11/19 The Letter is A  Aeroplane
Week 2 04/11/19 to 08/11/19  The Letter h  Train
Week 3 11/11/19 to 15/11/19  The Letter e  Boat
Week 4 18/11/19 to 22/11/19  The Letter c/k  Car
Week 5 25/11/19 to 29/11/19  The Letter r  Rocket
Week 6 02/12/19 to 06/11/19  The Letter m  Magic Carpet
Week 7 & 8 9/12/19 to 13/12/19   16.17,18 &19 December  Christmas Weeks Of Crafts, Songs and fun.


For this terms theme we are going to travel around the world to different places, the children will lead us to where we will be going, so who knows where we will end up .

Exploring different places, people, animals, weather, food and much more.

If you have anything that we could use to support this adventure, please speak to a member of staff.

We will be having a Beep Beep Day, on Wed 20th November this supports Road safety week.

New staff

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Charlie, she is our new staff member who has replaced Lucy and will help when Hana leaves to go on Maternity leave.

Barty Bear

We would like to introduce you to another member of Pathways; Barty has been travelling around and has chosen Pathways to stay. Unfortunately he is of no fixed address so each week we will ask a family to home him for the weekend or an evening.

Barty likes to keep a diary of his travels so if you can take a picture or do a drawing of his stay in his book he would be very happy. We also have a smaller companion for when you go on holiday that will fit into any small bag…

Indoor shoes

Please remember to have a spare pair of indoor shoes or slippers at Pathways now it is getting muddy and wet outside. A pair of welly boots for outdoor play would be great too.


Fundraising events

Monday 18th November      Collecting starts for Christmas hampers (see attached slip)

Thursday December 19th.   Christmas Concert and Party. (Further details to follow.)

Christmas Holiday Club        Friday 20th and Monday 23rd December.

Pathways returns on Monday 6th January 2020.