Blog – February – March 2018

Welcome to the Pathways Blog

The theme this half term is ON A MAGICAL DO NOTHING WEEK

We are basing this half terms topics loosely on a book called “On a magical do nothing day” and that whenever you ask, “what have you done today” the answer is usually nothing we are going to attempt to create so many different experiences through these different weeks that the children will reply I have done lots.

If you have anything that you feel you can offer or hidden talents that would enhance these experiences please speak to Julie or Dannie.





Week 1  19/02/18 to 23/02/18   The Letter b   Modelling week
Week 2   26/02/18 to 02/03/18   The Letter j   Make believe week
Week 3 05/03/18 to 09/03/18  The Letter z   Physical week
Week 4   12/03/18 to 16/03/18  The Letter w    Discovery week
Week 5  19/03/18 to 23/03/18  The Letter v   Texture / messy week
Week 6  26/03/18 to 30/03/18  The Letter y   Animal week


Make Believe week
This week will be on pirates and princesses and your children are all welcome to come dressed as such. (Please no cutlasses or swords) This is also Book Week.

We are very lucky to be able to offer the children at Pathways access to a library, we have had lot of new books donated to us, so if you would like to borrow books from here please do so and just inform staff who will record it for you.

Barty Bear
As its coming up to holiday time, again if you would like to take a mini Barty with you please do ask and if you can send, back a postcard and picture of Barty on holiday we would be very grateful, we can use it to help introduce the children to other places both in the UK and abroad.

Please can you help us to improve the service that we offer at Pathways by completing the questionnaire, telling us what you like and add any suggestion that would we help to improve the service we already offer and return them by Friday 23rd February thank you.

Learning Journeys
We hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing what your children have been up to last term if you have not already done so please return your Childs learning Journey by Friday 23rd Feb.


Dates for your Diary

Book Week. Monday 1st March. Look for your book voucher in your pigeon holes to exchange for a book at a book shop. Bring in your favourite book to share.

Easter Fundraising Event Monday 20th to Friday 23rdh March.   Easter Egg Tombola,  Easter Hamper and much more. 

We hope to raise enough money to help with the coach for the Zoo trip. Please donate Easter eggs or chocolate treats, and check list for items for Easter hamper. If anyone is really good at making cakes and would be willing to donate a large Easter cake for a competition please speak to Julie or Dannie asap.

Trip to the zoo: Thursday 29th   March (To Be confirmed) Letter to follow

Easter Holiday: Friday 30th March to Friday 13th April. (30h March and 2ndth April are Bank Holidays)

Holiday club starts. Tuesday 3rd April closing date for bookings 23rd March.