Blog – April and May 2016

Welcome to Pathways pre-school blog. We aim to try and give you a brief overview of what we have planned for this half term within the blog.The children can bring in items that support the theme or the letter of the week for show and tell, but please no other toys as they can get lost or broken.

During the following weeks we will be revisiting the phonic letters we have already covered as well as adding some double letter sounds.

We will be encouraging the children to become more independent in preparation for them to go to school this will involve putting on their own shoes and coats which they could also practice at home.

This terms theme is Rhyme and Rhythm





Week 1  11/04/16 to 15/04/16  The Letter S (sh)  Incy Wincey Spider
Week 2  18/04/16 to 22/04/16  The Letter A (ai)  5 Speckled Frogs
Week 3  25/04/16 to 29/04/16  The Letter T (th)  Worm at the bottom of the garden & Butterfly Butterfly
Week 4  02/05/16 to 06/05/16  The Letter I (ie)  Hey diddle diddle & Pussy cat Pussy Cat
Week 5  09/05/16 to 13/05/16  The Letter P  Dig my Garden & Mary Mary
Week 6  16/05/16 to 20/05/16  The Letter n (ng)  Great big turnip
Week 7  23/05/16 to 27/05/16  The Letter c k (ch)   Humpty Dumpty & Chick chick chicken

Other news…

Lunch time pick up.

If you collect your child at 11.30 or 12.30 please could we ask that you do so as quietly as possible as the next session will be beginning and the children will be sitting quietly ready on the mat.

Dates to remember..

Term dates and PD days can be found here…  Term Dates

Bank Holidays:
Monday 2nd May – Pathways closed
Monday 30th May – Pathways closed

May Half Term:
30th May – 3rd June 2016; 30th May is a bank holiday – holiday club 31 May 2016 t0 3 June 2016.
Monday 6th June 2016 is a PD Day – Pathways return on 7th June. 

Other dates:
Summer trip – possibly 20 July 2016
Leavers Party – Thursday 21st July 2016, we hope to have a photographer present to take the group shot as well as individual and families.  More details to follow.