What are we all about?

Pathways is a setting for children aged 3 to 11 years term time and 3 to 9 years during the holiday club.Dolls House Play

Its name represents the way the staff and committee value each child’s individual pathway to learning.

We aim to provide a setting that reflects their individuality and teach them to value others

We teach children through play using their interests and individual stages of development in a fun and stimulating way that will help them to reach their full potential.


Safeguarding for all is paramount at Pathways.

Pre-School Sessions:

The pre-school offers sessions for the morning, afternoon or all day.  A combination of sessions is also available.
Sessions times are as follows; term time only.

Monday to Friday:

  • 0900 to 1130
  • Lunch time 1130 to 1230
  • 1230 to 1500

The pre-school accepts children from the day after their 3rd birthday up to the age of 5 years.
We plan our curriculum using the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance and the Statutory Framework for the Foundation Stage (DFES 2007)



A maximum of 26 children are allowed per session, and we have a good staff to children ratio.  All our staff are trained to a high standard to ensure the care is given is to the highest standard possible.


Parents and Carers

We encourage parents and carers to take an active part in the running of Pathways.  We have a committee which is made up of the parents or carers who children attend Pathways.  The Committee is responsible for the overall running of the setting and its staff, the Committee also works with the staff to organise any events or annual fundraising.  Should you be interested in joining, or attending the a meeting to learn more please talk to us at school.


Our Facilities

Pathways is set in purposely designed premises, it was designed with the children in mind and has recently had air conditioning installed.

The outdoor area promotes all areas of learning.  We have a large pirate ship that encourages sharing, role play, problem solving and lots of physical skills.

Pirate ship - square

Following a very successful Christmas fundraiser in 2013 we now also have a Wigloo in the garden for the children to enjoy.  The Wigloo is a den or retreat for the children to play in, but also engage with as its a growing den made from willow.



Pathways also has a paved area which provides a good resource for ride on equipment; in 2014 this has recently had a colourful canopy roof fitted to allow the children to play out even when the weather is not so good.

There is also a large grassed area for other play and also several raised beds to encourage planting and gardening activities, as well as mini beast hunting.


Indoors we have a wide range of age appropriate activities that the children have access to including a role play area, a computer and a book corner providing both audio and reading books.
We try where possible to promote natural materials and this is reflected through our equipment.

DSC_1672           DSC_1668






Additional preschool session
(pre early years funding)  £4.00

Additional preschool session
(post early years funding)  £8.00

Lunch club £3.00 // Hot dinner at lunch club £2.30

All fees are invoiced before the start of each half term and will need to be paid on or before the start of each period. 


Childcare Vouchers

Pathways accepts childcare vouchers, please contact us if you need to discuss this further.

Early Years Funding

Government Funding Information

 All 3 year olds are entitled to 15 universal hours per week funded by the government. You may also be entitled to a further 15 hours of extended funding to check this please go to childcarechoices.gov.uk

Within Pathways this can include the following:

Pre-school hours
2.5hours for AM and PM
1hour Lunch Club
(The Lunch club can be split into half an hour to make up the full 15 hours)

Breakfast Club and After School
1 hour Breakfast Club
2.5 hours Early After School (until 4.30pm)
3 hours Late After School (until 6pm)


Stretched Funding
If you are not taking up all your funding with the above sessions then you can apply for stretched funding which can be used during our holiday club or for breakfast club and after school depending on availability.